Using a dedicated server, you’ll get a standalone physical server, that’s used by you and you solely. Observe our video display to see how a Linux dedicated servers hosting packages through SKC Hosting will benefit your websites and assignments.

Using a dedicated server from SKC Hosting you’ll receive a server, built with successful, solid and carefully screened hardware elements. This way, we make an attempt to decrease all probable hardware outages, that happen to be normal with brand new and untried computer hardware. At the same time, all dedicated servers come in the USA data center, which offers unrivaled connectivity, power and cooling opportunities.

With each and every of the servers, you may also opt for the OS. We offer CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, three of the very most reliable and safeguarded Linux distributions, widely available. Additionally, every one of them provides big support communities, that can help you resolve any problem you experience.

With every dedicated server, you will additionally find a a number of complimentary bonuses. You will get 3 distinct dedicated IP addresses, a absolutely free billing software as well as a free of cost domain name reseller account. And when you pick Debian, you can even take full advantage of the free of cost Website Control Panel, which in turn by itself is packed with various free website tools.